Scientific Units Office - Cycle Α

The work and responsibilities of the Scientific Units Office, Cycle A are concerned with the issues of pedagogical and teaching Methodology in all educational structures and more specifically involve: (articles 53 and 61, law 4547/2018):

  1. teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches relevant to their subject matter
  2. the study of various kinds of documents and items of pedagogic and teaching methodologies, including printed and digital teaching material
  3. shaping, constantly modernizing and the optimal application of pedagogy and teaching methodology in all types of schools and institutions
  4. the documentation and implementation of pedagogical and teaching methods for the implementation of curricula and innovations beyond the typical operation of the school and the curriculum
  5. documenting and implementing appropriate pedagogical practices for school administration, democracy and the enjoyment of rights and gender equality
  6. providing pedagogical and teaching related support for school units of all types on relevant scientific subjects
  7. the integration of pedagogical and teaching principles which remove barriers and support progress of all pupils
  8. advising or suggesting ways to address or improve on issues related to school life, school dropout and early school leaving, special education and training, pre-school education, educational needs of vulnerable groups of students, evaluation and democracy in education, gender perspective and school unit administration
  9. advising or suggesting the best possible interventions on factors which directly or indirectly affect the nature, the operation and the effectiveness of school units, such as the educational structure, the organizational and administrative system as well as the infrastructure

In addition, office A investigates and identifies overlaps in research or experimental activities between units and different parties concerning pedagogical and teaching methodologies, and advises or suggests ways to avoid these overlaps as well as to optimize the use of resources within its scope.

Finally, its annual report is compiled jointly by the coordinators of all units.

The units are as follows:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Special Education
  3. Educational Innovation
  4. School Administration, Democracy and Gender Equality
  5. Minority, Intercultural and Greek Diaspora Education, Prison Schools
  6. Pre-school education


Asteri Theodora
(Head)CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant A2131335551thasteri[at]
Chatziiliou Aggeliki CV icon
English LanguageTeacher
Gelastopoulou Maria CV icon
Kindergarten Teacher
Consultant A2131335107gelm[at]
Giovanoglou Sofia CV icon
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335403sgiovanoglou[at]
Gortsila Evgenia CV icon
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335563egortsila[at]
Halkiotis Dimitrios CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335402dhalkiotis[at]
Kimiskidou Alexandra
Kotsira - Tampakopoulou Anastasia CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335406akotsira[at]
Makrostergios Evangelos
Computer Science Teacher
Mpekridakis Dimitrios
Religion Teacher
Stefanopoulou Argiro
Vythoulka Anastasia CV icon
Primary School Teacher