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Training Interventions for the support of school structures of the educational system MIS: 5004204

Duration: 01/02/2017 - 31/12/2018

The subject of the Operation involves the development of four (4) training interventions (Actions) for education executives and/or teachers of Primary and Secondary education. In particular, it includes the design and development of corresponding training actions throughout the country, the development of appropriate educational – training material, the internal evaluation of these actions and the implementation of all the necessary supportive actions.

Each of the Actions is described as follows:

ACTION  1: Training for the Introduction of Descriptive Assessment in Compulsory Education

  • Pilot implementation of descriptive assessment in selected schools of Compulsory Education
  • Training of educational executives and teachers for the implementation of descriptive assessment in Compulsory Education
  • Development of the appropriate educational – training material

Coordinator: Maria Nika

ACTION 2: Teacher Training on the New Foreign Languages Curricula – Common Foreign Language Curriculum and English Learning Programmes in Early Childhood (PEAP)

  • Development of training – educational material
  • Foreign language teachers’ training
  • Proposal for linking foreign language teaching to the National Foreign Language Exam System (KPG)

Coordinator: Androniki Charitonidou

ACTION 3: Teacher Training on the New Curricula for Religious Education

  • Training of the Secondary Education teachers of Religious Education and Primary Education School Counselors on the New Curricula for Religious Education

Coordinator: Efstratios Psaltou

ACTION 4: Training Actions for the support of the education of refugee children

  • Training of the Refugee Education Coordinators and education executives who support Primary and Secondary school units and/or their annexes, where refugee children are educated.
  • Support teachers who staff the Refugee Reception and Education Structures (DYEP) and/or Reception Classes (RC)
  • Development of a special training and supportive material

Coordinator: Paraskevi Trouki

Co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) within the framework of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020”.

Project Manager: Nikolaos Grammenos