Minority, Cross-cultural and Greek Diaspora Education, Prison Schools

The aim of this unit is to promote intercultural communication and inclusive education at school, to promote the Greek-language education in the diaspora, as well as the educational integration of children regardless of their social, cultural or linguistic background, especially those belonging to minorities and threatened with social exclusion.

Main objectives of its members are the design of educational programs, the development of pedagogical content and tools, monitoring student education in flexible formal as well as non-formal educational institutions and the conduct of surveys with an emphasis on qualitative methods for highlighting the role of socio-cultural factors in the learning process.


Giovanoglou Sofia
(Coordinator)CV icon
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335409sgiovanoglou[at]iep.edu.gr
Charitonidou Androniki CV icon
French Language Teacher
Consultant A2131335566aharitonidou[at]iep.edu.gr
Faradou Evmorfia CV icon
Civil Engineer - Architect
Consultant B2131335361efarantou[at]iep.edu.gr
Kiriakidi Irini CV icon
French Language Teacher
Mekali Aristea
Social Sciences Teacher
Papastratou Pinelopi CV icon
French Language Teacher
Papathanasiou Theodora CV icon
Artistic Studies Teacher