Special Education

The work of the Special Education Unit (SEU) is:

  • the scientific research, study and documentation of all issues of SE and submission of proposals for the design and implementation of  educational policy in SE
  • the design and  development of training programs for SE staff in collaboration with the SE Departments of Universities and the scientific Teacher Training Office at IEP
  • the design and development of timetables and curricula, as well as the design of teaching and other support material for pupils with disabilities and special educational needs
  • to reinforce scientifically the project of support structures for schools of primary and secondary education and school integration programs,
  • its cooperation with scientific institutions and organizations from Greece and abroad as well as with specialized scientists for the promotion of SE issues
  • the design, methodology and production of new supportive technologies and digital educational material
  • to adapt textbooks in accessible formats to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and / or disabilities
  • the adoption of standards for the production and adaptation of textbooks in accessible formats  as well as the certification of the produced accessible textbooks.

Asteri Theodora
Primary School Teacher
Consultant A2131335551thasteri[at]iep.edu.gr
Afentoulidou Anna
Greek Language Teacher
Danti Athina
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335408adanti[at]iep.edu.gr
Gelastopoulou Maria
Kindergarten Teacher
Gortsila Evgenia
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335307egortsila[at]iep.edu.gr
Kourbetis Vasilios
Primary School Teacher
Spanaki Anna
French Language Teacher
Vakalopoulou Klio CV icon
German LanguageTeacher
Zigogianni Aggeliki
Religion Teacher

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