Special Education

The work of the Unit for Inclusive and Special Education is:

  1. The pedagogic and didactic design, as well as the study of the educational standards for inclusion, support and progress of students with special educational needs or/and disability.
  2. The design and development of training standards and educational guidelines for supporting transition processes, individualized and differentiated teaching and the early detection of learning difficulties at school.
  3. The scientific research, study and validation of issues on inclusive education and the submission of proposals for the implementation of inclusive policies for students with special educational needs and/or disability.
  4. The design of inclusive educational policies such as the operation of Inclusion Classes, Parallel Support (“support teachers”) as well as any institution that promotes the inclusive education of vulnerable students.
  5. The design and promotion of intervention programs for preschool education and the early detection of school drop-outs from vulnerable students.
  6. The design and development of school curricula and timetables. Also the design of teaching and other support material for pupils with disabilities and/or special educational needs, in all contexts of inclusive and special education studies.
  7. The cooperation with scientific institutions and organizations as well as with specialized scientists from Greece and abroad, for the promotion of Inclusive and Special Education.
  8. The design and development of training programs and activities for Inclusive and Special Education staff towards an inclusive educational policy, in collaboration with the Office for Teacher Training at IEP.
  9. The design, methodology and production of new/supportive technologies and digital educational material in addition to the study of differentiation and accessibility of curricula, text books and school material (“Design for All”).
  10. The promotion of educational activities in order to remove obstacles for learning success, in order to fight discrimination against students with disabilities and/or special educational needs and to ensure the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2012) in education.
  11. The promotion of collaboration between School Units for Inclusive and Special Education and schools for general education in order to promote co-education, co-teaching and other co-operative practices.


Asteri Theodora
(Coordinator)CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant A2131335411thasteri[at]iep.edu.gr
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant B2131335403acharokopaki[at]iep.edu.gr
Consultant B2131335405i.politis[at]iep.edu.gr
Computer Science Teacher
Consultant B2131335406a.stoumpa[at]iep.edu.gr
Music Teacher
Consultant B2131335334m.adamopoulou[at]iep.edu.gr
Afentoulidou Anna CV icon
Greek Language Teacher
Consultant B2131335409afentoulidou[at]iep.edu.gr
Charalampidou Pavlina
Primary School Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Consultant B2131335410e.douma[at]iep.edu.gr
Gelastopoulou Maria CV icon
Kindergarten Teacher
Consultant A2131335107gelm[at]iep.edu.gr
Tigka Evangelia
English LanguageTeacher
Consultant B2131335305e.tigka[at]iep.edu.gr
Vythoulka Anastasia CV icon
Primary School Teacher