Social Sciences

The main purpose of the Unit of Social Sciences (law 4547/2018) is to address proposals to the Administrative Board of IEP about issues related to Social Sciences in the Primary and Secondary education such as: curricula and curriculum development, writing and amending school textbooks, editing of teachers’ guidelines, assigning teachers to subjects etc.

Furthermore, the Unit provides policy guidelines on related scientific issues, among others: suitability of pedagogical material, of surveys and various educational projects to be conducted in school units.

Moreover, the Scientific Unit of Social Sciences:

  • designs and submits research proposals,
  • participates in the planning and implementation of European and co-financed programs,
  • promotes continuous communication with the entire educational community,
  • organizes and takes part in conferences, seminars etc.
  • participates in the development and implementation of educational policy in areas within its scope.


Oikonomou Aspasia
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335410aspaikon[at]
Danti Athina CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335408adanti[at]
Doni Eleni CV icon
Kindergarten Teacher
Consultant A2131335569edoni[at]
Giovanoglou Sofia CV icon
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335409sgiovanoglou[at]
Gortsila Evgenia CV icon
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335307egortsila[at]
Halkiotis Dimitrios CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335221dhalkiotis[at]
Kastanias Theodoros CV icon
Physical Education Teacher
Consultant B2131335164thkastanias[at]
Katsandri Eftihia CV icon
Koliofoti Olga CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Social Sciences Teacher
Kotsira - Tampakopoulou Anastasia CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335202akotsira[at]
Koutsoumpou Maria CV icon
Primary School Teacher
Consultant B2131335164mkoutsoumpou[at]
Mavrikakis Evangelos CV icon
Econonomics Teacher
Mekali Aristea
Social Sciences Teacher
Mpekridakis Dimitrios
Religion Teacher
Mpomparidou Chrissi CV icon
Educational Support
Nella Athina CV icon
Econonomics Teacher
Social Sciences Teacher
Consultant A2131335207anella[at]
Nikakis Vasileios CV icon
Greek Language Teacher
Provatari Sofia
Econonomics Teacher
Consultant A2131335207sprovatari[at]
Psaltou Efstratios CV icon
Religion Teacher
Consultant B2131335128epsaltou[at]
Tsiaousi Dimitra CV icon
Greek Language Teacher