School Administration, Democracy and Gender Equality

The key areas of responsibility of the Unit for School Administration, Rights and Gender Equality include among others:

  • the study and processing of issues that fall within the scope of school management, such as school administration and leadership and organizational behavior in the school units context, issues related to staff management and professional development of teachers, as well as issues related to the organization and management of the multiple functions, operations and procedures of the educational process
  • issuing opinions regarding the approval to conduct scientific research and the applicability of educational material related to organizational and administrative issues in school units

as well as

  • the study and processing of issues associated with the adoption of policies and educational practices for the promotion of democracy, equality and the rights to education
  • issuing opinions on research, educational materials or educational programs implemented in schools that involve or embrace issues of quality education, with no discriminations, limitations and inequalities in the context of educational and school democracy, gender equality and rights
  • cooperation with institutions and organizations  for the undertaking of initiatives and the implementation of related actions.