Office for Research and Assessment of educational work

The principal fields of activities and responsibilities of the Office for Research and Assessment of educational work, (law 4547/2018, article 61, par. 3) involve:

  • recording, studying and gathering data on every subject of primary and secondary education that requires monitoring and policy planning,
  • placing particular emphasis  on the issue of student dropout and, by extension, of early school leaving (esl) through the operational objectives of the Observatory for Student Dropout,
  • proposing measures and actions arising from the Greek participation in international student assessment programs,
  • establishing and monitoring educational indicators, such as the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) program of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and
  • cooperating with government agencies, universities and international organizations in order to exchange and interpret data.

Additionally, within the operational framework of Regional Centers for Educational Planning (RCEPs) as decentralized services of primary and secondary education and with a view to providing substantial and effective support for planning and assessing educational work, the Office also:

  • makes suggestions on the thematic agenda for planning and assessment as well as the type of reports of the RCEPs,
  • suggests ways to improve planning and assessment practices to the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs,
  • systematically studies the final reports submitted to the IEP by the RCEPs and keeps records of these reports and
  • finally, aiming at the best possible implementation of educational design in the school units, remarks on the reports and sends its feedback to the RCEPs.

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