Natural Sciences, Technology and Mathematics

The Scientific Unit of Natural Sciences, Technology and Mathematics (law 4547, Government Gazette Α102 /12-06-2018) includes the fields of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Geography), Information Technology, Information and Communication Technologies, Technology and Mathematics.

In particular, the unit offers advice or consultation on:

(a) all matters relating to its fields of study for primary and secondary education and the transition from secondary to higher education with emphasis on curriculum development and design, syllabuses, textbooks, teaching materials and tools, as well as educational research and programs and parliamentary control questions

(b) issues within its field of competence related to the ongoing reform and the optimum implementation of educational policy

It also implements supporting actions, collaborates with the other Units and the Offices of the Scientific Service, the Administrative Service and the Independent Departments of the IEP on issues pertinent to its own field of science which also traverse other scientific units or offices.

Finally, It takes the initiative in conducting research, in organizing seminars, workshops, conferences etc. after the unanimous consent of the Board of the IEP and is in constant collaboration with the rest of the scientific units and offices, the administrative service and departments. The unit also organizes seminars, workshops, conferences and collaborates with other organizations as well, in alignment with the legislative and policy framework of the IEP.

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