Library, Archives and Publications Office

The Library, Archives and Publications Office was established by law 4547 (Government Gazette vol. A 102/12-06-2018). It reports directly to the Administrative Board and it is responsible for all matters relating to the library of IEP, its archives and publications such as the following: a) the smooth operation of the library and its archive, b) the care and custody of the IEP publications as well as the publications of the institutions which were abolished and transferred to I.E.P. by law 3966 (Government Gazette vol. A 118/24-05-2011) such as the “Educational Research Report” and the scientific journal "Mentor" etc, (c) the yearbook edition, a yearly review of the projects at IEP or written works by its staff members, d) the rescue and expansion of the historical collection of textbooks dating back to the founding days of the Greek State until today as well as every other object within its scope.

Any matter related to the operation of the library is specified according to the Internal Rules of Operation, article 69.

Visit the IEP Library and its Historical Collection of School Textbooks.