Humanities and Literature

The Scientific Unit of Humanities and Literature belongs to the Scientific field of Primary & Secondary Education (ν. 3966/2011, article 13, as was amended in law 4547/12-6-2018, article 61).

The Scientific Unit of Humanities and Literature issues opinions and presents reports to the Board of the IEP on matters relating to:

  1. language education (teaching Greek, Ancient and Modern Greek), and the teaching and learning of foreign languages) in Primary and Secondary Education, as well as to the transition from Secondary to Higher education,
  2. the courses of Ancient and Modern Greek in Secondary Education and
  3. the course of Philosophy and the course of Latin in Senior High School (Lyceum).

With regard to the above in particular, the Scientific Unit of Humanities and Literature:

  1. introduces timetables, curricula, course syllabuses, textbooks and other educational material
  2. delivers opinions on the implementation of surveys, training or educational programs, competitions in primary and secondary education and on parliamentary questions
  3. conducts research, compiles studies or participates in research projects
  4. organizes workshops, conferences and educational activities
  5. collaborates and cooperates with groups of teachers and educational institutions in Greece and abroad.

Within this framework, there is also the Foreign Languages ​​Subdivision (Administrative Board decision 5 /02-02-2017) which implements the aforementioned in the foreign language education context.

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