Educational Innovation

The Educational Innovation Unit deals with primary and secondary education issues related to promoting innovation, as a means towards quality reform of educational practices and improvement of educational outcomes. The field of ‘educational innovation’ includes actions or/and integrated programs that support the renewal of pedagogical and teaching practices and, in general, education for sustainability with an emphasis on the environment and in areas related to sustainable development such as culture, health promotion, digital media and technology.

In this framework, the Unit gives opinions on educational issues such as timetables, curricula, syllabuses and textbooks as regards both primary and secondary education. The Unit also gives opinions concerning the approval of research proposals to be conducted in schools, the implementation of educational programs and the development or use of educational material at school. It provides answers to petitions and questions by the members of the Greek Parliament. It also provides data to certain departments of the Ministry of Education as part of the cooperation between the Ministry and other organizations and institutions in relation to national and European educational policy. Additionally, the Unit:

  • plans and submits proposals for research conduct as well as the implementation of innovative interventions in schools at the primary and secondary level of education
  • participates in the planning and implementation of funded and co-funded programs
  • organizes and participates in conventions, workshops etc.
  • supports the communication and collaboration with the educational community
  • contributes to shaping and implementing educational policy within the framework of its responsibilities

Projects that are in progress:

During the school year 2016-17, the Unit supported the design, the implementation at lower secondary schools and the evaluation of the innovative project “Theme week 2016-17: Body and Identity”. The aim of the project was to sensitize and inform the members of the school community on issues related to education and sustainable development, focusing on three main axes:

  1. nutrition and quality of life
  2. prevention of addiction and dependence
  3. gender identities

For the school year 2017-18, the Unit supports the implementation of the “Theme week 2017-18” which includes, in addition to the above-mentioned three axes, the subject: "Traffic Education-Road Safety". Activities concerning "Traffic Education-Road Safety" will be carried out during the present school year not only in junior high schools but also in primary schools and senior high schools (lyceums) all over the country.

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