Τhe Arts Unit was established in May 2016 and aims at promoting and enhancing the arts and culture in Greek schools.

The visual arts, the theatre, music, dance, cinema, constitute a language through which people communicate, express themselves and feel. We believe that Arts dissemination  and integration  into the Greek school context will actually contribute to the moral, spiritual and cultural formation of students.

The Arts Unit

  • makes suggestions on improvements in the current educational policy
  • makes proposals on the ways that contribute to the better introduction and application of the arts in the educational process
  • prepares proposals and delivers opinions upon current demands and needs of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
  • prepares curricula and develops relevant research activity
  • develops partnerships with public and private institutions and organizes conferences, events, workshops and seminars
  • issues opinions on the pedagogic appropriateness of educational programs designed by public and private institutions               

Arts can support and inspire modern school. They can initiate students into the intricacies of the real world and make them competent at appraising its differing aspects by fostering students’ imagination, creativity, empathy and critical thinking.