Evaggelos Mavrikakis

Evaggelos Mavrikakis holds

  • a B.Sc. in Finance and Banking from the Department of Finance and Banking, University of Piraeus,
  • an M.Ed. in Comparative Education from the Department of Primary Education, University of Athens, and
  • a Ph.D. in School Administration and Leadership from the Department of Primary Education, University of Crete.


Professional Profile

  • He is a teacher, working at Greek state secondary and technical-vocational schools since year 2009.
  • He is currently attached to the Institute of Educational Policy in the Technical and Vocational Education Unit, in the School Administration Rights and Gender Equity Unit as well as in the Projects and Actions Department.

Publications & Projects

He has published/conducted research on the following fields:

  • School leadership and administration
  • Educational policy
  • History of eucation

He has participated in the following projects/programmes:

  • P.A. “Teacher/trainers training in Apprenticeship”

He has participated in conferences regarding school administration and Leadership, history of education and educational policy.