Technical and Vocational Education

The Scientific Unit of Technical and Vocational Education focuses on and advises on all issues concerning Vocational High Schools (known in Greek as EPAL) and the 4th optional year of apprenticeship. These issues involve, but are not limited to, curriculum development, desired learning outcomes, educational material, research carried out in school units of secondary vocational education and other pedagogical and scientific issues within its principal fields of activity and responsibility.

Students of Vocational High Schools, according to law, are offered a choice of 9 sectors in the 2nd grade, while in 3rd grade they are offered a choice of 36 specialties, as mentioned below:  

1. Sector of Agriculture, Food and Environment, with specialties in:

  • Crop Science Technician
  • Animal Science Technician
  • Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Technician
  • Food and Beverage Technology Technician

2. Sector of Administration and Economics, with specialties in:

  • Management and Economics Assistant
  • Tourism Management Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Assistant

3. Sector of Structural projects, Structured Environment and Architectural Planning, with specialties in:

  • Structural Projects and Geoinformatics Technician

4. Sector of Applied Arts, offering the following specializations:

  • Graphic Arts
  • Jewellery and Silversmithing
  • Conservation of Fine Art
  • Fashion Design and Production
  • Interior Design and Decorating  
  • Furniture Creation

5. Sector of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Automatics, with specialties in: 

  • Technician of electrical systems, facilities and networks
  • Technician of electronic and computing systems, facilities, networks and telecommunication
  • Technician of automatics

6. Sector of Mechanical Engineering, with specialties in:

  • Technician of Mechanical Installations and Constructions
  • Technician of Thermal and Hydraulic Installations, Petroleum Technology & Natural Gas
  • Technician of Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installations
  • Vehicle Technician
  • Aircraft Assembly Technician

7. Sector of Maritime Professions, with specialties in:   

  • Merchant Marine Captain
  • Merchant Marine Engineer

8. Sector of Informatics, offering the following specializations:  

  • Informatics Applications Technician
  • Computer and Networks Technician

9. Sector of Health, Care and Wellbeing, with specialties in:  

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Medical - Biology Lab Assistant
  • Nursery/Childcare Assistant
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Dental Technician Assistant
  • Pharmacist Assistant
  • Radiology Lab Assistant
  • Cosmetologist
  • Hairdresser


Pitsikalis Stavros
(Coordinator)CV icon
Electronics Teacher
Consultant B2131335360spitsikalis[at]
Greek Language Teacher
Greek Language Teacher
Boultzis Ilias
Econonomics Teacher
Consultant Bi.mpoultzis[at]
Fikaris Georgios CV icon
Maritime Teacher
Consultant A2131335356gfikaris[at]
Mavrikakis Evangelos CV icon
Econonomics Teacher
Consultant A2131335357emavrikakis[at]
Pagiatis Charalampos
Consultant B2131335355ch.pagiatis[at]
Pantelopoulou Stavroula
Computer Science Teacher
Consultant A2131335357spantelopoulou[at]
Papadopoulou Stavroula CV icon
Consultant B2131335353spapadopoulou[at]
Papathanasiou Theodora CV icon
Artistic Studies Teacher
Consultant B2131335359thpapathanasiou[at]
Politidou Efthymia