Maria Koutsoumpou

Koutsoumpou MariaMaria Koutsoumpou holds a

  • a B.A. in Primary Education from the Department of Primary Education, University Athens, Greece,
  • an M.Ed. in Special Needs (International) from the Department of Education, University of Manchester, UK, and
  • a Ph.D. in Language and Communication from City University, London, UK.

Professional Profile 

  • She is a teacher, working at Greek state primary schools as well as KEDDY (Centre for Differential Diagnosis and Support for students with special educational needs), since 2008.
  • She is currently attached to the Institute of Educational Policy in the Special Education Unit, as a Consultant in the field of Special Educational Needs.

Publications & Projects 

She has conducted research and published academic papers in the following fields:

  • Special needs (with focus on deaf studies).
  • Bilingual education (with focus on deaf students’ writing as influenced by sign language).
  • Adult education (with focus on non-formal education as a stepping stone to formal education and black and ethnic minority groups).
  • Assessment in education (with focus on the deployment and impact of teaching assistants and support staff in English schools).

Her research interests focus on

  • Assessment in education.
  • Special education
  • Bilingual education.

She has participated in the following projects:

  • Success of minority ethnic groups (National Research and Development Centre-NRDC, Institute of Education).
  • Formative assessment in vocational education (NRDC, Institute of Education).
  • Counting and Teachers of adults (literacy, numeracy and ESOL): training needs (NRDC, Institute of Education).
  • Deployment and impact of support staff in schools (Department of Psychology and Human Resources, Institute of Education).
  • Teacher training of special educational support for the inclusion of students with special needs (Institute of Educational Policy).

She has participated in the following conferences:

  • International Conference on: “Inclusion of Deaf People in Education and Society: International Perspectives”. 22 March, 2003. Presentation: “The effect of linguistic input on deaf students’ written narratives”.
  • 5th JURE 2002 Conference, 19-23 August, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Presentation: «Language processing of deaf students’ written narratives”.
  • 8th International Conference on «Writing», 10-13 Ιουλίου, 2002, Staffordshire University, Stafford, UK. Presentation: «Language processing of deaf students’ written narratives: four case studies».


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