Vasiliki Anastasopoulou

Vasiliki Anastasopoulou holds

  • a degree from the Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Patras, which she obtained in 2004.
  • an M.Ed, on "Cultural Studies: Semiotics and Communication", from the University of Western Macedonia, Faculty of Education, Dept. Of Early Childhood Education.

 Professional Profile   

  • She is a teacher, working at Greek public nursery schools since 2006.
  • She is currently attached to the Institute of Educational Policy in the Preschool Education Unit.

Publications & Projects

  • Her scientific interests focus mainly on Pre-school Education and Culture, as well as on Animation.
  • She has completed her postgraduate thesis: "Organization and Functionality of Museum Educational Programs” a case study on the Animation Program of the Benaki Museum.
  • She became an intern at the Museum of Greek Children's Art in 2017 and, within this framework, she created the following video-animation for the program "Alone or Unique, Diversity and Racism": -uxAwNr92U0, as digital material for the needs of the Museum.
  • She attended Benaki Museum’s educational course “The Small Workshop of Art” in 2016-1017.
  •   She participated as a teacher with the 116th Athens Nursery School, in the 2nd student film contest (January - March 2018): "From the canvas to the lens ... With the eyes of the children". Organizers and co-organizers were the New York Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, Athens Cinema Society OPUS, the Hellenic Culture Organization and Melissa Publishing House. In the contest, her class won the 2nd Best Director Award
  • She has attended the program : “In-service Training of Teachers in the utilisation and application of Digital Technologies in the teaching practice”,and holds a level A and B ICT skills certification. She has also attended the Teacher Training Major Program, a 200 hour duration course. She has also successfully completed a 3 month course in the Braille method offered by the Lighthouse for the blind in Greece Organisation.


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