Office of European and International Educational Policy

According to the article 61, law 4547/2018, the Office of European and International Educational Policy of the IEP is responsible for:

  1. monitoring and studying European and international education policy,
  2. the comparative study of European and international curricula in primary and secondary education in primary and secondary education, teaching and learning methods and teacher education and training methods,
  3. the compilation and publication of annotated analysis of the results of the Greek participation in international programs for primary and secondary education, as well as their evaluation,
  4. networking IEP with relevant European and international institutes, as well as its participation in international educational policy organizations,
  5. informing various European and international educational policy organizations about the Greek education system and its reforms,
  6. the exchange of information and know-how with European and international counterparts on issues relating to the responsibilities of the IEP,
  7. organizing exchange visits and on-the-site training and peer learning activities between members of the IEP and members of institutions from other countries.