Anastasia Kotsira

Anastasia Kotsira 

  • graduated from the Arsakeios Pedagogic Academy and the Two-Year Postgraduate Programme at the Marasleios School for Primary Education in Athens.
  • She completed postgraduate studies at Master’s level in Education (Evaluation in Education and Training and Curriculum Studies) at the Brunel University, London and
  • continued with doctoral studies at the same university in the field of Curriculum Evaluation.

Professional Profile

  • She worked for several years as an active school teacher in Greek state schools and as a seconded teacher at the Faculty of Primary Education/University of Athens, the Pedagogical Institute, the Education Research Centre of Greece, the Hellenic Eurydice Unit and the Institute of Educational Policy.
  • Since 2014 has been attached to the Institute of Educational Policy as a Consultant in the field of Primary Education, at the Educational Innovation and Social Sciences Units. During the period 2016-18 she was also Coordinator of the Educational Innovation Unit of I.E.P.  Since October 2018 she is Head of Library, Archives and Publications Office of I.E.P.

Publications & Projects

Her research interests include issues referring to

  • educational evaluation, curriculum evaluation, quality in education, innovations in education and European education policy.

The focus of her published work has been on the various forms of educational evaluation, their ideological and social assumptions, the different functions they serve and their impact on educational actors and practices.

She has several published articles in educational journals, conference proceedings and book collections.

She participated in the following funded research programs (EPEAEK I & II, ESPA) (selective): She is member of the research team of the project “Training for the Introduction of Descriptive Assessment in Compulsory Education” (I.E.P.). She was deputy project manager of the project “NEW SCHOOL (School of the 21st century)-New Curricula” and coordinator of the subprojects 1 “Development of New Curricula for compulsory education” and 6 “Evaluation of Compulsory Education” (I.E.P.). She was member of the research team of the project “Evaluation of School’s Educational Work- Self Evaluation Process (AEE)” (I.E.P.). She was member of the research team of the project “Monitoring of the Education System at the Level of the School Unit” (K.E.E.). She was member of the research team of the project “Internal Evaluation and Planning in Schools (P.I.). In the framework of the implementation of the above projects she has participated in the development of educational and training materials as well as in primary and secondary school teachers’ training. She also participated as a member of the scientific committee in the project “Development of a guide for the evaluation of educational work - services and educational design in public primary and secondary education” (P.I./Ministry of Education).

During her attachment to I.E.P. she was, inter alia, coordinator of the committee for the design, implementation and evaluation of the innovative project “Theme week” which has been implemented at lower secondary schools in years 2016-17 & 2017-18, a member of the committee for the development of  the “Framework for the Implementation of University Students’ Practice in primary and secondary schools” and a member of the working group for the revision of Presidential Decrees 200 & 201/1998 on pre-school and primary education.